Warranty Registration Form

Wilo Authorized Service Provider


    1. Warranty applies in accordance with the terms and free service within the warranty period. WILO SE Philippines provides spareparts within or after warranty period. 2. We undertake that we will make good by repair or replace at our option the defective parts, which may appear in our machinery/goods within twelve months from the date of purchase and which are proved to be solely due to faulty design, materials or workmanship and which are used according to normal use, service and duty conditions specified in order of acceptance.
    3. The warranty shall not cover any damage resulting from improper use, user’s fault, mechanical damages or damages caused by atmospheric discharge or short circuit. The warranty for the sold consumer goods will not override, limit or suspend user entitlements resulting from inconsistency of the goods with the agreement.
    4. This warranty holds good subject to materials being properly stored or the installation and operation of the product is being carried out as per good engineering practice and as per installation, operation and maintenance manual and further provided that the Purchaser does not open the unit and make any change or repair without any prior approval during warranty period and terms of payment being punctually complied with. We shall not be liable for failure of any of our machinery/goods which results from accident, abuse, misapplication, modification or attempted modification of the machinery/goods by the Purchaser.
    5. This warranty is further subjected to the provision that the Purchaser has given immediate written notice and is ready to bear the cost of transportation to and from our works. This warranty shall not be applicable against corrosion or erosion. Though we are prepared to assist the Purchaser in the choice of materials, the final responsibility for the choice of materials rests with the Purchaser.
    6. We shall not be liable for any injury or damage of any sort, including liability for breach of implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose that occurs after the period of this warranty. Warranty Registration Forms are to be returned via email to sales.ph@wilo.com.
    Ensure all details are filled out correctly to ensure your claim can be processed quickly.